A few stories that have inspired me through the years

Clayton Bates:

A legend in tap dancing. The Apollo Theater. The Cotton Club. Performed for the King and Queen of England. Last I checked, tap dancer use their feet right?!? But wait… He only had one leg. Clayton Bates. Read about him.

Or how about Jim Abbott:

Even you Angel bandwaggoners should know who he is. Eleven years pitching in the major leagues. Even threw a no-hitter. Competing at the top-level of your sport is definitely a lifetime achievement, worthy of great recognition. But doing so in a game where your hands are literally the sum of your skill when you were born with only one hand is something unimaginable

Hector Ponce de-Leon:

The de-leon  thats a mountain climber climbed three ice capped volcanoes in one day. Popocatepetl, Iztaccihuatl, and Pico de Orizaba. He did this in seven and a half hours, which included transport between the mountains. That’s 14,000 feet up and 14,000 feet down. He didn’t climb them, he ran them. And these mountains require an ice axe, crampons, and balls of steel and nerves of titanium. No big deal you say? Well he was also scaling the crags of Everest when that storm hit. Yes THAT storm. The one that killed 11 people in May 1996. But you won’t hear about him because he was climbing the north route and was able to escape and arrive safely at a high base camp. However when  he arrive at camp, he learned that his best friend had been abandoned to die by two well-known climbers. So Hector headed back into the storm, climbing from base camp at 20,000 feet to base camp 2 at 26,000 feet inside of a twelve-hour span. By some quirky miracle he actually found his nearly frozen friend. He revived him the best he could, strapped him to his chest, and headed back down the mountain, saving his friend’s life and his own. Not only did he weather the remainder of the storm, but he hung around long enough to reach the summit fourteen days later. Know why he strapped his friend to his chest? Because Hector just wasnt strong enough to carry him; he’s so small my neighbor’s cat could kick his ass. So don’t give me your “I’m not the ideal body type” excuses. Chances are  that you have two legs, two arms, ten toes, ten fingers, a nose, some ears and a couple working eyeballs. And even if you’re physically handicapped in some fashion, you have no excuses. What matters is heart, and if you don’t got heart, you’re not gonna make it. Quit whining about the things you don’t have and start capitalizing on the gifts given to you. You owe it to yourself to get out there and stir things up, cause a little chaos in the world. You owe it to humanity. Excuses suck.


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