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Mastery is not some vaulted, lofty place that only the elite few ever land. The pursuit of any aim, goal or dream – personal, professional, spiritual, in any area – is a slight edge journey of continuous improvement, learning and refinement. But mastery is not an exalted state that lies at the end of the path; it is a state of mind that lies at the very beginning. Mastery is the act of setting your foot on the path.


Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody – A Tale

Mental_confusionThere were four people: Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. An important job had to be done. Everybody was asked to do it. Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

Disciple of Purpose


Fear has tied me up in knots. And I’m not alone. So many of us watch the talk shows about gloom and imminent doom, and we read all the minutiae of the latest banking and failures. But how did we ever stop buying into thinking that cycles stop cycling? Natures supplies have always varied from season to season. Lean years were always a part of the deal. It’s all much bigger than me, my family, and my employer. The safety i’m longing to find is not in a house, or a job. And it’s certainly not in the numbers wall street grinds out 24/7.

Rather than fear the next catastrophic economic event, find someplace away from it all: a walk on the beach, a spot in the park, a waterfall. These places remind you that life will continue, with or without your anxiety and worries.

Connect with your breath. Feel how all can be well for a moment. Take that moment and add one more and one again. Pretty soon, you’ve strung together a few easy moments. All is well, and you notice your mind is trying to seduce you back into the game to go faster, to try harder, to reach and grasp. When you see it, observe your mind as if it were someone else’s. Notice how crazy that persons thoughts begin to seem. From this place, perhaps, you can see new possibilities emerge once again. Now you can start to turn the fear of failure into a plan of action. Separate your needs from your wants, and focus on the essentials. Find the joy in disciplining your thoughts and desires. Maybe this is your time to be tested at last, the time to shine your very own incredibly bright light, the time to get off the couch and get yourself going. Experience the pride of being different and successful when all others are behaving like lemmings. The word discipline comes from the word disciple. Are you ready to be a disciple of your own purpose? The great philosopher Nietzsche said “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” Deep down you know you will make it, and you’ll emerge that much stronger.

How to sell anything using Social Media

First off, as time goes by people are getting more comfortable doing business through social media and the internet.

Generating and converting leads using social media takes a much more patient approach than conventional means, but once you find the right path it’s usually a better way to sell in any environment.

Many peoples social networking efforts fail because they are still simply broadcasting sales messages. Most people don’t participate in social media networks to shop, so any sales message can feel sort of harsh, and in the snack-sized feverish world of tweets, shares and likes any and all messages are easy to ignore. Here are some tips to successfully get you off the ground.

  • Test your message– Try using google adwords to test very compact messages. Once you find a message that draws clicks, you know you have a winner that will get action in the form of a tweet.
  • Target your message– Just because there are 800 million FB users doesn’t mean you have to target them all. The quickest way to get the right kind of attention is to announce “Hey you 437 people that need to get better at X” i’m talking to you!
  • Prove your worth– You must make your initial relationship building all about valuable content, so give something away your target audience needs AND wants. Move the free line so that your free stuff is better than your most other people’s paid stuff and watch how enamored people get.
  • Engage- In the process of giving away all that great information ask your prospects to tell you things, share things, rate things and help you make the world a better place for all who inhabit it. Seriously though, create feedback forms and make that part of the deal for why you’re giving away all that great free stuff. Socialize your content and make it easy to email, tweet and like. Send a series of emails during your content sharing phase that reinforces the important takeaways from the content and offers more engagement like email support or live Q and A sessions.
  • Ask for the order (Call to Action)– Paint the picture you know exists in their “current reality”, remind them of the incredible glimpse you’ve shared, and the illustrate what the picture could look like. Don’t assume they know how to connect the dots – show them how to get the value you know you have to offer and be extremely clear about it. One of the benefits of this approach is that if you do it right and they don’t buy, you’ll earn the right to ask why and they’ll gladly help you understand how to get it right.

Moving to LA – PLEASE HELP

Facebook friends, colleagues and friends of friends – I know this is a tough time for everyone, and the holidays are near, so here is my one Christmas wish: I Wish to get to LA. Due to a series of unfortunate events I’m having to move to LA and am VERY low on funds. I am taking a leap of faith and hoping I can rely on the generosity of my friends and their friends to help fund my trip down to LA. This is time sensitive, and THIS IS NOT A SCAM OR A JOKE. Please if you go to the link provided you can deposit any amount from $1 to $1,000,000 straight to my moving fund in PayPal by using my email address Please help in any way you can. I will be sure to post the details as they come in. My sincerest thanks for all your help!

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