16 Tips that will make you Happier, Healthier and Wealthier


1. Be a creator-

 Learn how to be a maker, thinker, producer and generator. Are you consuming resources but producing no value or output? Are you making things? Create wealth: Consider starting or joining a startup. Improve something: The smartest, happiest wealthiest people I know are always doing something or makeing something. They generate more than they consume in all aspects of their lives.

2. Act, don’t plan-

This simply means that actions move you forward. There is a reason the blitzkrieg was so effective. This is characterized as ready, fire, aim. I’ve had grand ideas for businesses over the years. I’ve researched, prepped, planned but never acted. One idea I had about 7 years ago I knew was a great knick-knack type product I was sure would sell. I went so far as to draft up a diagram, mailed it to myself to make sure it was postmarked.. I was on my way! Unfortunately I never pursed a prototype, filed for a a patent or called an attorney and about a year later the EXACT things I was conjuring was out for sale in the EXACT stores I was going to target. The main point is, if you have any idea, no matter how small, ACT.

3. Share until it hurts- 

What goes around comes around, ususally with greater force. Open up. Helping people is a wonderful social act, but it’s also practical. There are plenty ways to help people. You learn as you help other in much the same way a teacher learns from their students.

4. Be your own empire- 

Hiring is obsolete. You are a one person empire. You must learn to adapt to  the marketplace and to your customers in light of your own peronal corporation. You have skills, tools, knowledge and resources that are extremely personal. No one else is you!

5. Failure is acceptable, even desired-

Failure is progress. Knowing with certainty that something doesnt work is far more valuable than not knowing if soemthing might work. Consider the pile of failures under your feet to be an excellent platform for success. Failures are great lessons!

6. Learn how to communicate effectively- 

You dont need to be a presentation wizard, but you do need to knw how to speak and write so that others clearly understand you. Communication magnifies your presence in the world, or at a minimum, it helps others understand what you are doing and thinking. It’s a “social lubricant”.

7. Shortcuts are smartcuts- 

The smartest folks I know use the most ingenious shortcuts. They cut corners but they don’t violate core principles, personal or universal. They all have complete and total command of their tools. Master tools, methods and processes for a fast track to the top.

8. Spend time with people you like-

The smarter the better. Most of my friends are really nice people. I’m also lucky to have a really great family. Good people seem to have great ideas. I’m thinking its a function of either their social outlets and pursuits, or their desire to make the world a better place. They usually lend intellectual and emotional support to their endeavours. Success doesn’t mean working more, it means leveraging the time and skills you have to get the biggest and best result.

9. Find a mentor-

There are plenty of experts and mentors out there. Tap into their knowledge. Tap into their enthusiasm. Here’s a trick: Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you are. By the way, surrogate mentors work too. They include great books, snappy newsletters and cool blogs (like this one!).

10. Learn to manage your time- 

No matter how hard you work, you can only get a certain amount of work done in a certain amount of time. Learn to prioritize and attack the stuff that matters. Balance work and fun or you’ll end up an unhappy stiff. Different people have different systems. Find your groove and control your use of time.

11. Kill personal debt-

If you are having money issues, you cannot be focused on real success, your career, or your family. My advice, which some people completely reject, is that you need to get rid of all your financial chains. Understand debt before it kills you. Credit card debt is a particularly bad thing to have month after month. Wipe it out. Check out http://financialplan.about.com/od/creditdebtmanagement/qt/how-to-get-out-of-debt.htm for more info.

12. Manufacture happiness-

Happy people are productive, adjusted and successful. They resisit negative vibes, and when they are unavoidable, they leverage them top their advantage. They are infectious and pleasant to be around. Happiness is healthy. spend time with happy people. And, incase you didn’t know, you can make yourself happy… SMILE DAMNIT!


Find time for aerobics. Or weight lifting, running, biking, walking, or hiking. Take up a sport. Find ways to be physical. It is best if you have a goal to focus on, such as a triathlon, a target weight, or a bikini to fit into. Exercise is alos good for your brain.

14. Think BIG- 

Your ideas shape you. They confine you or expand you. Think big and you’ll be an executive. MOST LIMITATIONS ARE SELF IMPOSED. Expand your thinking. Learn new, challenging things and you will break barriers.

15. Have an edge-

Always add a little something extra. Inject your flair in everything you do. Break boundaries, challenge assumptions and ask more questions.

16. Offer your guarantee in blood-

Ok not literally but if you believe in what you’re doing, let it all hang out. Give your word and stick to it. Aim for complete and utter satisfaction.


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